4 Things We’ve Learned Filming VR

Over Prepare and stay organized. It takes a lot to film a fully spherical 360º video, as this new digital medium is still in its infancy stage of development and thus brings many hurtles to overcome. Being prepared for things to go wrong is very important, not only for the overall production but for the future development of experience bases content. Have backup pieces ready, stay focused, and think. As my old gym teacher said “Keep your head on a swivel!”

Think about post production when filming. It will save you hours of headache later, I promise. When producing VR Experiences, the actual filming of the piece is around 15% of what actually goes into the project, the majority of the time is spent in post and pre-production. Depending on the amount of the filming that was done, days/weeks/months might be spent on a single project or even a single shot. Planing ahead is a necessity, and will save you in the end.

Patience. This is key, and will safe you from loosing your mind and throwing your new VR camera in the trash and snapping your laptop in half. We are working with a technology that has yet to really be invented yet. New tech in this field will continue growing,  allowing for a more streamlined and user friendly interface into this immersive making media. Have fun when developing such an exciting dynamic media and learn from the set-backs, overcome them and push forward to the bright future.

Jake Ingraham

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