360º Video
Technical Specs
  • What is 360º Video?

    360º video is a fully immersive way to view content, using technology already implemented into your mobile and desktop devices it allows for you to see another world and dosent just take a glimps into the future, it puts you into the future

    How do I watch 360° Videos?

    There is a variety of ways to view 360º video. The most engaging way would be through a VR headset such as the Gear VR, Oculus rift and Goggle Cardboard. You can also watch straight through your mobile device and desktop

    How can I take advantage of this content?

    We will be offering classes that explains in detail how to hit the ground running and create some spectacular VR experiences. We come from a film and television background, working on shows like The Bachelor and The Voice has given us the knowledge and experience on how to create a fully functional workflow that can be implemented into creating spectacular VR content.

    What does it take to film a 360° video?

    First off patience. You are dealing with a technology that is in the midst of being invented. Current 360° content creators are literally ‘writing the book’ on how fully spherical video media should be created. A person that is familiar with cameras and how they work is a plus, but to capture the moment you need and an individual with a “all seeing” visual eye.

    What are good examples of 360° video?

    There are lots of great examples released online right now that show the potential of 360° for storytelling and experiential content. Check out the list of our Top 10 Favorite Videos here:

    I want to shoot a 360° video, what do I need?

    First off, pat yourself on the back for being a pioneer within the entertainment industry, as 360° allows viewers to explore your content like never before possible. Some of the first things you will need to start Recording 360º would be the camera rig. Followed by camera support (Tri-pod, mono pod, Support Weights) A Binaural or Ambisonic audio recorder is a plus, you want the viewer to feel like they are there. Lastly is the Editing and Stitching software in order to process all of your footage.

    What makes the best 360° video experience?

    Binaural and Stitch-less Video combined with a compelling story/experience. Virtual reality is an escape from the real world into an alternate universe. There are some fundamentals that always need to be in place in order for the experience to have feeling and takes the viewer on a journey. Audio needs to sound natural and match the time and space. The videos needs to be clean, eliminating stitch lines to allow the viewer to fade away into the experience and not be drawn back to reality with technical mishaps. Above all, no video will engage an audience then a compelling story/experience. Take them to a place they have never been before or are not capable of going to. Show them the world so they can experience it in the comfort of there own home.

  • What is Experience 360°?

    Experience360 is a full service production company that specializes in 360°, fully spherical media

    What does Exprience 360° offer my production?

    TLDR: Camera Support, DIT services, 360° ideas and tips to take advantage of the ‘around-me’ nature of 360° video

    Can I bring you my footage & have you stitch it?

    Absolutely! We offer a variety of stitching services from syncing, rotoscoping, to masking and coloring.

    Can I rent a camera to try out 360° video?

    Yes, we offer a variety of camera packages that you can rent to fimiliarize yourself with creating 360º video as well as classes to make you a lean mean vr making machine, for more information email

    What is the best way to shoot 360° video?
    Where is Experience 360° located?

    We are located in sunny Southern California!

  • What kind of files do you output?

    Edit codex – .h264 (.mp4 .Mov) .prores .ciniform . Delivery – flexable but traditional in .wav Audio .wav .aiff .ogg

    Do you shoot 4K?

    Yes we do, with our 6 camera VR set up we are capable of exporting a 4K video file that can easily be uploaded to a veriarty of supported apps viewable through a headset, mobile devices as well as desktop viewing.

    What Kind of Workflow do you Support?

    We have built a media workflow that mirrors current production standards within the entertainment industry. Actually many of the different steps assocated with developing 360° video parallels older film workflows used by Kodak and Fujifilm. After processing the raw camera data from set, we ‘process’ the images and stitch them into a single frame that can then be imported and edited in any standard NLE editor. Our preference is to use Adobe’s powerful suite of tools, though this media can also be edited via Final Cut X and AVID easily without adjustment.

    Who owns the final video?

    You do! Unless you are part of a partnership/collaboration, or the project was through a company with special interest, the content is yours. Feel good about what you have created and be sure to share it with the VR community as well as the rest of the world!

    Can I play these videos with my Samsung Gear VR?

    Absolutely, this is the way we recommend watching this new media. Simply drop the video file right into the “Milk VR” Folder and wala! Sit back and enjoy. Note: you will need to have a Samsung phone in order to watch the videos on a gear VR.

    How about an Oculus Rift?

    Yes, but we are still waiting to get our hands on the mass market version and will have a detailed way to view on this bad boy soon!

    Google Cardboard is cool, can it play in that as well?

    Good old Cardboard, and yes you can. Simply upload your video to a supported vr player, then on your mobile device select the “Split screen” option button. Throw that into the cardboard and view.

  • So I have an awesome 360° video, now what?

    Now it is time to share it with the world! There are a number of applications that will allow you to upload your content and share it with family and friends.

    Where are the best places to host 360° media?

    There are a number of great options currently available.

    Here is a quick list of some of VR content providers currently:

    Samsung Milk VR.

    Can these videos be embeded in my website?

    Yes, YouTube and VRideo and many others offer an embedded link that can be thrown right into your website. This embeded code will still be interative, throw it in and enjoy

    What are good uses of 360° video?

    360º video is a way for people to experience the world from the comfort of there own home, it can be used for education and training to relaxation and meditation.