Angeles National Forest
Created by Jake Ingraham, Ryan Moore & Dan Argo

In this video you will see samples of the Z Cam S1 footage quality taken in the Angeles National Forest in January of 2017. We started the day early, it was raining in the Los Angeles basin so we decided to get above the clouds head to the mountains. Our journey took us up highway 2 to the winding roads that traverse the Angeles forest. Before long we were well above the rain and clouds and headed for clear sky’s.

Typically we travel with a hefty amount of gear, those of you who shoot VR, know what I am talking. With that being said, the Z Cam S1 allows for a much smaller footprint, fewer attachments, and simpler use. In turn this allows for less time focused on managing individual cameras (like the Freedom 360, Omni, Black Magic rigs) and focus on the image and developing an engaging experience. As the day progressed, the clouds found there way into the mountains. That was our Que to head back to civilization, and before you know it we were back in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

The Z Cam performed perfectly, plenty of tests we done, and we were able to get a good overall understanding of the capabilities of the camera and it’s real world uses. We are looking forward to utilizing the S1 in many productions in the future!


Los Angeles National Forest, California




Angeles National Forest is home to the San Gabriel Mountains. The largest peek is called Mount San Antonio (also known as Mt. Baldy) and reaches a height of 10,064 ft. Coming in second is Pine Mountain with an elevation of 9,648 ft, and third is Dawson Peak at 9,575 ft above sea level.